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Powerful Lifting with
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1.5 Ton MatJack
3.3 Ton MatJack
6 Ton MatJack
13 Ton MatJack
22 Ton MatJack
32 Ton MatJack
37 Ton MatJack
50 Ton MatJack
70 Ton MatJack

  Widely used throughout a variety of industries, MatJacks lift heavy machinery at construction sites, set and adjust manufactured buildings and assist house movers. MatJacks are used to upright overturned rigs and are an integral equipment for fire and rescue departments. MatJacks are manufactured in the U.S.A. and have been popular worldwide for more than 25 years. When you need a tough, versatile airjack, get simply the best airbags made - MatJacks.  
When seconds count and lives are on the line MatJacks are there to free victims trapped in wrecked or collapsed vehicles. A MatJack and an air backpack can mean the next breath to a trapped victim. If a human can get there so can a MatJack. Needing only an inch of clearance a MatJack can be slipped into areas no ordinary jacking system can go to help extricate victims quickly and easily.
Matjack low pressure airbags provide gentle lifting power for a variety of lifting needs. Side by side Matjack low pressure bags make recovery effort fast, quiet and effective. Matjack low pressure airbags are constructed to stand up to abrasion puncture, tear, and resist many gases and chemicals, both petroleum and water based.

The Matjack Low Pressure Air Bags are available in our basic units , consisting of one Low Pressure Bag, one 25 foot hose with quick disconnect, one deadman control with relief, and a 2216 regulator with 10 foot regular hose. (4500 regulator available for additional cost.) Canvas utility bag included.


The quick Lift has been developed to solve those lifting problems where a hydraulic jack cannot be used. Made from Hypalon™ Neoprene™ coated polyester fabric and designed to work at a maximum pressure of 8 psi. The Quick Lift will have a vertical lift capacity of 1.5 tons and a lift and roll capacity of 3 tons


Since 2005, MatJack, Inc. Landing Bags have provided users the ability to do recovery uprights on tractor trailers, heavy tracked equipment, box trucks, overturned mobile homes, etc… without the use of a “catch” vehicle. Landing bags work due to a constant airflow and require it to stay inflated. Landing bags are placed under a load with the intention of not allowing the load to gain speed during uprighting operations and descent of the load past fulcrum point. Landing bags control vehicles as they come over while allowing the air to escape through 3 ported openings in each cushion increasing control of the vehicle and rate of descent. This is critically important to avoid further damage to equipment. Rapid, uncontrolled descent of any equipment is dangerous and should be avoided to prevent potential injury or loss of life!

The. Air Bag Leak Sealing System is made with Dupont Barricade material. The name you've trusted in hazmat protective gear for years. Matsacks are available as a system compatible with any high pressure air bags.

MatSacks set up quickly, are simple to use, get you well out of the immediate hazard area and are designed to work with your existing high pressure airbag system. Available in a variety of sizes, MatSacks work well on smooth or rough surfaces, and offer the ultimate in chemical resistance, safety, strength, and flexibility. MatSacks seal leaks fast on tanks, trucks, or pipes. MatSacks are highly adaptable to numerous hazmat situations.



Underwater Lifting Bags were introduced back in 2004. Underwater lift bags come in lots of shapes and configurations to meet all your floatation needs whether it is in shallow streams or ocean depths.

The open bottom cushions fill from the top and displace water out of the bottom until either the submerged vessel begins to float to the surface or the bag fills and the relief valves open. These are used the best in water deeper than 20 ft/ 6m because of their general configuration and need more room to operate. Open bottom bags can also lose air due to rocking back and forth while on the surface when in rough water, known as “burping”. Retrieving anything submerged with this style bag has to be done in a manner allowing for quick hook up to recovery equipment located on a solid foundation when the submerged vessel breaks the surface of the water to limit the chance of losing the recovery due to the bag “burping”. The biggest advantage of the open bottom cushions is the ability to build very large recovery cushions with lower costs providing for a more cost effective cushion when dealing with greater lift capacity cushions.



Products: High Pressure Air Bags, Low Pressure Air Bags, First Responder Package, Minuteman Package, Sentinel Package, Guardian Package, Scout Package, Low Pressure Package, Low Pressure High Lift Package, Steel Reinforced, Kevlar Reinforced, 5 Year Warranty, Non slip surface

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