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AGO INDUSTRIES (100% Canadian) manufactures a complete line of Emergency Response Clothing including ERT coveralls and traffic vests.

AIR SYSTEMS manufactures a full range of ventilators for confined space entry as well as breathing air filters, monitors and compressors.  No matter what your breathing air problems, AIR SYSTEMS can help solve it.

AIRBOSS is a 100% Canadian Owned and Operated manufacturer of CBRN approved Overboots and Gloves.

AIRSTAR is the inventor and world leader of lighting balloon technology and offers a complete range of products to meet all emergency lighting needs.

ALLIANCE MERCANTILE is a 100% Canadian owned and operated manufacturer of industrial outerwear under the “Viking” trade name.  Their products include traffic vests, raingear, sweatshirts etc.

AMERICAN TRADE MARK offers Accountability Systems featuring the popular NIMS compliant “Command Case”.

ARGUS developed the first thermal imaging camera for Fire Fighters over 36 years ago and has led the development ever since. Small, compact and NFPA approved their products are in use the world over.

AQUA produces the SnakeEye portable remote video camera for Fire, Rescue, Industry and General Safety.

AVON PROTECTION manufacture the leading CBRN approved gas masks used exclusively by all branches of the U.S. Military and Police Departments across North America. Their lightweight escape hoods are the standard for CBRN escape. With their purchase of ISI they now offer the world’s first CBRN approved SCBA for military applications.

BRAYNECK-CANAPLAST offers a Canadian made “Slip-ON” fire suppression unit that can be easily loaded onto a pick-up truck, ATV or trailer.

CET Fire Pumps MFG offers a complete line of Canadian made portable fire pumps with over 20 standard models to choose from including gas and diesel engines, skid mounted, trailer mounted, floating and more !


CMC offers a full range of rescue equipment for fire, confined space, urban search and rescue, water and industrial rescue.

CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS (100% Canadian) manufactures Hard Wired Communications Systems for use with Breathing Airline Systems and for Confined Space Entry and Rescue. They also offer a unique Throat Microphone with Earpiece Speaker for use with portable radios when wearing breathing apparatus. Their latest product is a Search and Rescue system for victims in a building collapse.

COOLDRAFT is the world’s leading manufacturer of “Misting Fans” used in fire fighter rehab and other venues such as sports and where workers can suffer heat stress.

DBI/Sala is a division of Capital Safety and is the world’s leading manufacturer of a wide range of Fall Arrest and Retrieval equipment including harnesses, Self Retracting Lifelines, Tripods, Davit Arms (formerly UCL), Horizontal Lifeline systems, Fall Arrestors and Lanyards. Other products include Lad-Safe systems and the Rollgliss™ retrieval system. They just recently introduced a full range of Rollgliss™ top quality High Angle equipment “Built for Work – NOT play.

D.E. WILLIAMS makes quality traditional helmet shields from 100% belting leather.

DELSAR manufactures audio detection equipment for search and rescue in collapsed buildings.

DIXON-NORTHLINE COUPLING SYSTEMS manufactures a full line of adapters, valves, couplings, suction hoses and dry hydrants.

DRÄGER is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Our innovative products, services and systems protect, support and save lives. People from hospitals, manufacturing, mining, fire protection and emergency services have trusted in Dräger since 1889.

DRAGONFIRE took a different approach when designing their revolutionary DRAGONFIRE fire gloves.  They listened to what the professional fire fighters wanted in a fire glove and made it to their specifications.

DUO-SAFETY LADDERS is the leading manufacturer of ladders for the fire service.

E-FLARE Unique electronic warning beacons replace hazardous and expensive road flares. They are available in a variety of colours and approved for hazardous locations.

EFT (SANDIA LABS) is the US Military standard with their Decon Foam Formulation for mitigation and decontamination of chemical and biological warfare agents such as anthrax and sarin gas. Their products include a non-toxic decon foam for cleaning up Meth Labs.

EMC-Decon supplies a complete line of Decon equipment including Mass Decon systems, large airshelters and portable showers.

ENMET provides a full line of Portable and Stationary Gas Detection for all types of applications.

EXTRACTOR manufactures a rigid rescue board for swift water rescue.

FEDERAL SIGNAL is the leader in emergency lighting for Fire, Police and EMS.

FERNO offers a full range of medical and Emergency Response (stretchers-backboards) equipment including the full range of CMC Rescue Gear.

FIRE-DEX is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Turnout gear, Hoods, Gloves, EMS gear, Wildlands Proximity gear and the newest and best Leather Fire Boot on the market.

FIRE AXE is a manufacturer of axes and scabbards. World’s finest Fire Axe. Made for and by Fire Fighters.

FIRE RESEARCH Corporation is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for the fire, rescue, and emergency services. Their products include on scene lighting, gear driers, apparatus controls, instruments, displays, and accessories including the “Skull Saver” and “Man Saver”.

FLAMEFIGHTER manufactures piercing nozzles, truck seats, walkaway brackets, hand tools, hose washers  and SCBA wall mount enclosures.

FOL-DA-TANK manufactures a variety of portable and collapsible water storage tanks.

FSI NORTH AMERICA offers a wide range of DeCon tents and showers as well as Rescue Boats.

GANKA provides a sockette for use with fire boots.

GENESIS offers a full line of Auto Extrication Tools including the popular GENESIS line of Cutters and Spreaders. Their S60-XL Spreader and ALL-9 Cutter are the most powerful tools on the market. They also supply Air Bags, Crash Kits, Air Lift Cushions, Halligan Bars, Quick Cribs, lightweight aluminium Stabilization Kits, Power Wedge and Air Hammer Kits.

GOLFIRE manufactures quality leather crests for traditional fire helmets.

GRACE INDUSTRIES is the Fire Service standard for PASS (Man-Down) alarms.  They also manufacture wireless Fire Fighter Accountability/PASS systems (including the world’s only Emergency Evacuate system).  Their wireless GEM Lone Worker Monitoring and Alarm Systems are in use in Industry across Canada.   Traffic glow batons, arson investigation gas detectors and light trackers round out their product line.

GROVES INCORPORATED’s Ready Rack and Red Rack are the industry leaders for lightweight permanent and portable fire fighter turnout gear rack systems. Other products include a unique cylinder storage/carry system, hose dryers, storage racks and hose re-winders.

HALE PUMPS was founded in 1914, Hale has been the leader in fire fighting pumps for over 90 years.  Their popular portable fire pumps range from the Fyr Pak backpack pump for Wildland fires, their floating pumps for Wildland and transfer and tank refilling up to their FP Series skidded and trailered pumps with outputs of up to 1600 GPM.

HONEYWELL ANALYTICS manufactures the popular IMPACT and IMPACT PRO multifunction portable gas detector as well as the ENFORCER calibration device and the Minimax and Micromax portable gas detectors.

HONEYWELL FIRST RESPONDER  offers the Canadian made “RANGER” rubber structural fire fighter boot.

HOTSTICK is a one of a kind safety device that can detect live voltage without contacting the surface that carries the current, keeping Fire Fighters safe from electrocution.

HUSKY provides a complete line of portable collapsible water tanks.

HYDRANT SNORKEL is a truly unique product designed by a retired fire fighter. It was designed to be used in areas where you have high snowfalls that cover your hydrants or when hydrants are covered after plowing and the manpower isn’t available to clear them quickly.

INDIAN FIRE PUMPS. Wildland warriors have been depending on Smith Indian fire pumps on the fire line for over 80 years. Designed to help firefighters battle forest, brush, and rubbish fires, the performance of these pumps is legendary

INDIAN SPRINGS makes the only Chlorine leak kits designed to the Chemical Institutes specifications. A must have if you have rail lines in your area.

INTELAGARD’s unique compressed air foam delivery systems are available in both portable and fixed systems including the MACAW backpack unit and MERLIN dual tank portable unit. For wildfire they make the SwiftCaf ATV mountable compressed air foam system. The new FALCON has become the US Military’s standard for Hazmat Decon foam application.

INTERNATIONAL STRETCHER SYSTEMS is the Canadian manufacturer of the popular Yellow Jacket basket stretcher systems.

JORDAIR using the Bauer compressor system, Jordair compressors are made in Canada and are the premier compressors for respiratory air in Canada.

KAPPLER manufactures Level A Hazmat suits and accessories.

KOCHEK manufactures specialty fire equipment such as strainers, fittings, adapters and suction hose systems.

LAKELAND manufactures a complete line of disposable clothing, hazmat suits and coveralls.

LEATHERHEAD manufacturers Hi-Viz hand tools.

LIGHTNING X police, fire and EMS gear bags.

LIGHTSHIELD manufacturers of Body Mounted Cameras for Police and Security and Helmet mounted lights.

MAJESTIC is a leader in Made in America Balaclavas.

MARTOR has a variety of seat belt cutter/window break combination tools and the safest utility knives in the world.

MATJACK manufactures a complete line of high and low pressure air bags with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

MUSTANG SURVIVAL manufactures the class leading Mustang floater jacket, Ice and Ocean Commander immersion suits and has just introduced their new Water Rescue vest.

NIEDNER is a Canadian manufacturer of full range of Fire hoses for Municipal, Forestry and Industrial applications. In addition, they produce a series of top quality hose testers.

NRS (Northwest River Supplies) offers a line of water and ice water rescue gear including the Dry Suits, SAR Vests, Rescue Boards, Swim Fins, River Boots as well as their World Famous Water and Ice Rescue helmets.

OCEANID produces water and ice water rescue boats.

OK-1 manufactures a range of reflective Hi-Visability Traffic Safety Wear, Fire Fighter Gear Bags along with boot and respirator bags.

ONSCENE manufactures the “TALON” NFPA compliant helmet holder.

PAC is one of the leading manufacturers of mounting brackets for fire equipment.  PAC will deliver top quality solutions and great products.

PAC-A-CONE manufactures a unique collapsible traffic cone that uses a minimum of storage space and sets up quickly and easily.

PACIFIC manufactures a full line of lightweight fire fighting and rescue helmets (Kiwi) including the World Leading F10 Jet style. They are made with Kevlar and have a six year warranty (the best in the industry). The Kiwi-USAR is a SAR standard. The also manufacture the A10 and A7 EMT helmets.

PELICAN is World Famous for their Waterproof - Intrinsically Safe Flashlights and Waterproof Cases all with a lifetime warranty.

PELSUE manufactures ventilators for all applications, Portable Heater/Ventilators, Portable Ground Tents, Manhole Shields and Guards, Man-Hoists, Submersible Pumps, Duct Rodders, Portable Fluorescent Lights and Manhole Accessories. 

PETZL is a world leader in high angle rescue equipment including the new Fire Fighter Bail Out system.

PIP (formerly ALLIANCE FIRE and RESCUE manufactures a range of top quality - competitively priced gloves, hoods, cooling vests and gear bags

POK is one of North Americas leading manufacturers of Fire Fighting Nozzles and accessories including their unique and innovative “Foam Stik” systems.

PROTECTA INTERNATIONAL is a division of Capital Safety that produces a full range of competitively prices fall protection equipment.

PYRAMEX manufactures excellent and very price competitive CSA approved safety glasses with features not found elsewhere including indirect vented foam carriage liners and eyeglass lens inserts eliminating the need for prescription safety/sun glasses.

RAMFAN (EURAMCO SAFETY) is a worldwide manufacturer of ventilation equipment specializing in intrinsically safe ventilators for confined space entry.

REACH & RESCUE manufactures a telescoping Rescue Pole system for water/ice rescue. The system has an optional camera kit to view under ice/water.

RESCOM is a Canadian manufacturer of confined space communications systems.

RESCUE SYSTEMS INTARNATIONAL: intrinsically safe, non-pyrotechnic pneumatic line throwing, rescue, tactical access, and boat-stopping systems equipment

RIT RESCUE manufactures RIT Rescue systems, emergency egress bailout systems, retractable search lines and drop bags.

RSI manufactures a wide range of products for High Angle Rescue.

SALAMANDER TECHNOLOGIES offers FIRETRAX, a one of a kind bar-code scanning accountability system.   Based on their Clemons tag and board system,  the FIRETRAX system is invaluable in everyday fire fighting, and really shines in mass casualty - major incident applications.  The Salamander family of products also includes MED-TRAX, ASSET-TRAX and RAPID TAG.

SCOTTY FireFighter (100% Canadian) is the World leader in portable foam systems for forest fire fighting applications featuring backpacks for both foam and water.  In addition they have a offer foam eductors and nozzles.

SCHUTTE & KOERTING manufacture the TurboDraft fire eductors for static water drafting.

SEARCH CAM is a division of Con-Space Communications and manufactures high end miniature camera systems for search and rescue, police and the military.

SEEK manufactures a line of small “Made in America” thermal imaging cameras that can put the big boys to shame. Small enough to easily fit into a pocket, the RevealPro uses “State of the Art” technology to bring small inexpensive thermal imagers to the marketplace.

SHUTGUN Automatic Sprinkler Head Shut Off Device. Buy the SHUTGUN online!

SOLO provide Smoke and Heat detector service and calibration kits.

STAR LIGHTING (100% Canadian) manufactures a complete range of portable emergency lighting for Police, Fire, Ambulance and service vehicles.

STRATEGIC RESCUE PRODUCTS manufactures the WiRT a unique water and ice rescue tool.

STREAMLIGHT is one of the world’s leaders in flashlights for Fire Fighting, Police and Industry.

SUNDSTROM’s ½ Mask and Full Face Mask Cartridge Respirators lead the market in comfort, fit, breathing resistance and most importantly cost!!!  

SUPER CAN INDUSTRIES (SCI) offers a variety of Breathing Air and Pneumatic Tool Supply Systems as well as RIT kits and resuscitators. SCI products are tougher and outlast all the competition.

SYNTHO-PLUG is a polyurethane, water activated, football shaped foam plug that can plug a leak in a tank or pipe. It will even work underwater on a boat hull.

TEMPEST invented positive pressure ventilation. In addition to their wide variety of fans, including their new variable speed electric, Tempest offers the Shadow line of smoke generators. Their Ventmaster and 385-K Cut-Off saws feature Husqvarna power heads, making them the most powerful, dependable and easiest to use rescue saws in the business.

THREAD SAVER makes plastic thread protectors for SCBA cylinders.

TINGLEY manufactures a chemical protective boot called the Hazproof® for Hazardous Materials Emergencies.

TRECK+ makes easy to use seat belt cutter with integral oxygen bottle shut-off.

TREVOR OWEN is a leading Canadian manufacturer of custom EMS Bags since 1952, their mission is to provide customers with quality engineered products. They make custom bags for various sectors including EMS Bags for Medical and Emergency services.

3-D POLYMERS produce a clear polymer sleeve that protects composite style breathing air cylinders from abrasion and damage.

TRUENORTH manufactures packs for RIT, ERT Wildfire, Search and Rescue and Hydration bags and hose straps.  All with a lifetime guarantee. They also manufacture the DragonFire Fire Retardant clothing/

U.S. SAWS manufactures an innovative manhole lid lifter for municipal and electrical workers.

YATES manufactures a full range of high angles rescue equipment and accessories.

ZICO manufactures Fire Fighting Equipment, Walkaway SCBA Brackets, SCBA Enclosures, Hose Guards, Wheel Chocks, Nozzles Etc.


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